Why you should donate old furniture this Giving Season

The Giving Season is slowly approaching, and it’s a great time to spread some love. This season is a time when many people like to follow the trend (of giving) and are rewarded with massive returns by non-profits that help people experiencing poverty.

You can also donate old pieces of furniture from your home. We share eight different reasons why you should present this item to charity during the Giving Season.

Fills a need for another person

Furniture may seem old and not worth much to you, but it is still valuable to someone else. Your old furniture could be a luxury to someone else. It would be best if you donated your old furniture to someone else during the Giving season rather than letting it sit in the backyard or somewhere else. As they make their home look better, you will be putting smiles on their faces.

Promoting Eco-Friendly Living

People rarely consider the environmental impact when they dispose of their old furniture. Old furniture left in a landfill will indeed release compounds into the air. These compounds can pollute the surrounding environment and make it less eco-friendly.

Such abandoned furniture can also be a major part of landfills, which are an eyesore for the environment. Donating furniture to those in need is a better way to be environmentally responsible and create a healthier home.

Calms Down Your Space

You probably have old furniture that is taking up unnecessary space. It would be best if you imagined yourself having more room to yourself when you donate this set to charity. Decluttering the house is a good idea to get it ready for the New Year.

If you want to improve the ventilation in your home, you can do so. You will find that your home is more inviting and livable during the Giving Season once you donate old furniture.

Offers Some Tax Benefits

It’s not necessary to throw away the old furniture when you can get tax benefits. You can write it off as income tax. This will allow you to reduce your tax bill.

However, you will need to ensure that the donation is made to a government-recognized charity organization.

It is important to ask for proof of payment. You may need this with your tax documents. You can only claim the tax benefits of donating furniture if you have a valid tax record.

Easy Disposal

If you decide to dispose of old furniture yourself, it will be a tedious task. This may include engaging the services or the agency that disposes of your old furniture, which could cost you money.

All these problems will disappear if you donate your old furniture to charity.

The charity will come to pick up your furniture. You won’t need to pay extra for furniture removal or perform any difficult tasks.

Everything will be taken care of by the charity organization. You will save money and time by having the charity pick up your furniture.

Promotes Recycling

The furniture may be a waste to you, but it could have value for others. The pieces can be transformed into something new to continue serving a good purpose for years. You could give the furniture to a charity that can use it creatively.

The furniture is then recycled and reused. Instead of throwing away that old furniture, reach out to a local charity.

Paying it Forward

It can be awkward for someone who received a piece of furniture as a present to dispose of it when they grow old. Giving such furniture to charity is a great way to pay it forward. This way, the circle of generosity is sustained as you become more aware of other people’s needs.

A Message to Your Children

Children learn by watching and copying what others do. Donating old furniture to charity could teach your children how to let go of things and be more generous. As your children grow, this will lead them to be greater.

Just before you Donate

You are very kind in donating your old furniture to charity. Before you present the furniture, it is important to keep certain things in mind. The furniture must be in good shape; it should look presentable.

You should clean them thoroughly first before contacting a charity. Check for any minor flaws and make the necessary repairs.

It would be best if you tried to avoid donating furniture that is badly damaged. It is important to know what furniture the charity you are considering accepts.

You should also be aware of the quality level and standard that they have set. Yes, charities don’t accept everything. You can send a photo of the furniture to the charity for review.


Furniture that you have had for a while should not be viewed as “unusable.” Look for charities or people in need who may be interested. You can still extend your generosity to others during this Giving Season if you have old furniture in your home.

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