Terrazzo Tile Inspiration: Ideas to Inspire You

Terrazzo may be familiar (its origins date back to ancient Greece). However, it is enjoying a moment in the world of design trends. Terrazzo is commonly used for flooring and countertops due to its versatility, ease of maintenance, and quirky personality.

Decorate with One of the Biggest Trends This Year

There are many ways you can incorporate this vintage look into your home. If you want to remodel your bathroom, choose a finely speckled countertop like the one in this beautiful room designed by Siren Betty Design. Or, you may prefer something more subtle. We have gathered our favorites for inspiration.

A Modern Terrazzo

The subtle terrazzo walls in this sophisticated shower stall by Home_and_things add texture and depth without being too busy. The terrazzo specks are tiny and monochromatic, resulting in a sleek, minimalist look. This is perfect for contemporary or modern-style bathrooms. The subtle terrazzo can also be used in an updated kitchen or in a sunroom or mudroom.

Add Some Color

This cute kitchen by Ponysailor screams to be photographed. It features a medium-textured terrazzo counter that is the perfect focal point. It also uses Pink Cabinetry for a playful, fun vibe. This is an excellent blend of two popular looks. It’s both modern and charismatic, making a bold statement. Use bold colors to tie together your color palette in any room.

Terrazzo: Be Bold!

Designers are using larger stones to create bolder looks. This beautiful kitchen from Cicada Company proactively uses terrazzo. It features large stones with muted colors for the backsplash and flooring, giving the room a cohesive and unified look. Like Cicada’s modern natural cabinetry, keep the rest of your kitchen streamlined and simple.

Double sink in terrazzo

The white iron vanity from tian_designs in this bathroom is understated and minimalist, but it becomes an eye-catching piece when combined with the beige and brown terrazzo walls. Terrazzo is a great way to transform a space. Because it’s the focal point, it can instantly take a room from ordinary to luxurious.

Try Terrazzo Wallpaper

Who said terrazzo had to be tiled? This beautiful modern living room proves this pattern can be used on walls and floors. This speckled accent wall is perfect for any living room or bedroom and will add personality to the space.

DIY a Terrazzo Coffee Table

This beautiful and functional DIY table by Renovista will be the perfect addition to any living room. The medium-speckled pattern of the terrazzo pulls colors from the primary palette to create a cohesive look throughout the space. This look can be replicated on your bedroom’s headboard or nightstands to bring terrazzo into every room.

Create Terrazzo Wall Art

Why not make your terrazzo-inspired wall art if you’re looking for easy-to-replicate artwork for your Gallery Wall? In the afternoon, you can easily DIY these framed prints by The House of Wood. They are the perfect abstract artwork for any room. This is a great way to achieve the terrazzo look without committing to a complete renovation.

Terrazzo in a Minimalist Bathroom

This modern shower stall by The House of Wood has a large tiled flooring of terrazzo that extends through the shower to the rest of the bathroom. The terrazzo flooring adds dimension to the small bathroom and makes it appear more significant by using the same pattern throughout.

A Beautiful Open Kitchen

Caitlin and Tammer Hijazi designed this stunning modern kitchen using a white marmoreal Terrazzo by Max Lamb. The open-concept kitchen has a vibrant color scheme without being overwhelming. The large, bold terrazzo countertop perfectly complements the colorful plates and bowls. This terrazzo is the focal point of any space and inspires all the other colors in the room.


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