Sliding glass door covering ideas

What are the most important things to consider when selecting curtains for slider doors at home? Designers shared tips and tricks for choosing the right color when buying curtains to cover sliding doors. Continue reading to be inspired.

Choose Window Treatments that Work Like Doors

This formal dining room, designed by Lagnappe Interiors, is flooded with sunlight. Sheer window treatments allow you to take advantage of the sun. Tiffany Cassidy, from Lagnappe, offers some essential tips on how to make window treatments functional.

The designer explains: “We recommend window treatments that operate the same as your door.” With sliders, choosing something that slides side-to-side and not up and down is essential.

She gives some tips on sizing. Cassidy recommends that curtains be stacked on one side of a stationary glass panel. If the wall space allows it, the window coverings should be able to push back to reach the entire glass panel.

You can go shorter in length.

Cassidy advises that when it comes to window treatment length, you should keep your lifestyle in mind.

She says that it’s OK to make them smaller. This is a place where dirty shoes are likely to come and go. Ensure that your window covering is raised slightly off the ground, especially if this is a high-traffic area. I like a clearance of about half an inch.

Brackets are taller than you think.

When deciding where to hang your drapes, it is essential to consider the height. If you need clarification, tall use brackets.

Cassidy says that hanging window treatments higher will make your window appear more prominent and give the room a bit of height.

Do not mount hardware directly to a sliding door.

Hardware can be installed from either the wall or ceiling when installing curtains. Designer Cathy Purple Cherry advises: “It’s important to know the hardware that projects from the door.” This will tell you how far away from the wall the curtain should be mounted to prevent it from catching the door handle.

Designer Tara Miller says, “You do not want to mount something to a sliding door as it may inhibit the slide feature.”

Maximize the Functionality

Off-white drapes are perfect for an elegant, classic space. They add functionality without overpowering the decor.

Designer Georgia Zikas explains that “the beauty of a glass sliding door is its functionality. You want to ensure any window treatment you use on a glass sliding door maximizes its functionality and not reduces it.” You may add valances or skip the window coverings depending on where the sliding glass door is located in your home.

It is OK to use curtains when necessary. Zikas says that if privacy is a priority, you should choose a set of beautiful drapes that can be easily pulled back to give access to the front door.

Consider Curtains for One Side of the Door

Curtains do not need to cover both sides of sliding doors. A single panel covering the door when not used can add privacy and function.

Nina Grauer, designer at Dekay & Tate, says her clients prefer a long panel drape on the back of the door. This way, the drape can be easily pulled back when you need more privacy.

Prioritize Privacy Needs

In a bedroom, for example, privacy is important. However, in a living space, it’s less of a concern. Privacy is essential in a room but less so in a living area.

Designer Angela Amore from Spacejoy says sheers are the best option if your doors open onto a patio or yard. If privacy is required, blackout curtains or layered sheers are the best options.

Shade Height: Be Aware

Designer Veronica Ferro emphasizes that functionality should always be considered. She explains: “If you want to install a roller or roman shade with an inside mount, make sure to measure the height of the door so that no one hits their head on the shade.”

Look at the Ceiling

What should you consider when choosing a color for your sliding door curtains? Here are some options to consider, such as painted ceilings. They’re all the rage right now in the world of design.

You can take advantage of this unique opportunity by choosing curtains that match the color scheme on your ceiling. Why not select a design of curtain that perfectly fits your top? This room is proof that this design choice is a winner.

Playoff Your Furniture

When choosing a color for curtains, you can take inspiration directly from the furniture in a space. In this modern kitchen, a soft grey complements the gold accents beautifully.

Contrast a Bit

Adding some contrast is also a good idea if you want to add more color to your room. This bedroom has gray curtains with plenty of gold, black, and blue.

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