Preparing Your Home for a Professional Pressure Washing Job

To keep a home livable for everyone in the family, it must be maintained regularly. The exterior of your home requires the same amount of attention as cleaning inside. Dirt and grime tend to accumulate over time and need to be periodically removed. Hiring a professional pressure cleaning service is, therefore, the best option for you.

You must prepare your home properly before the experts perform their pressure-washing work. Do not invite professionals to your house without first preparing it thoroughly. You want to get the most out of your home improvement investment.

Here are some steps to take before you hire a home pressure cleaning expert.

Lock All Windows and Doors

It is important to lock all windows and doors before you pressure wash your house exterior. Verify that all entryways are sealed tightly. You don’t want water damage to cause more problems for your home. Take the time to inspect all exteriors of your home and look for holes and leaks. You should notify pressure washers if there is a possibility of water leaking inside.

Professionals can achieve better results by using the correct water pressure. You can also inspect the area earlier than you planned to have enough time to seal any holes or leaks. To ensure that any holes are sealed, you can buy sealant at your local hardware store.

With some quick projects, you can make your home look perfect once again. Get started with the house inspection and prepare it for a pressure wash.

Remove All Furniture And Movable Items

It’s important to make sure that your home is as clean as possible before the scheduled service. It’s best to hide outdoor furnishings and other items a few days before your scheduled service. The power washer should have enough room to maneuver around the exterior of your home so that it can reach all corners and crevices. There may be obstacles that prevent the power washer from reaching all corners and surfaces in your home.

Turn off all electrical connections that may get wet

Switch off any electrical outlets or fixtures that are outside and exposed to the weather. All electrical wiring, outlets, and switches should be checked for any signs of moisture. To keep lighting fixtures dry, cover them with plastic and secure the edges. Your contractor can also be asked to avoid areas with electrical circuits or voltage.

Cover or Tarp Your Plants in the Garden

Cover your garden plants the day before you plan to pressure wash your home. Tarps are an effective way to cover your plants. It is recommended that you use tarps to protect your greens against direct contact with detergents and the pressure from water. If you cannot find tarps or other covers, such as drop cloths or painter’s vinyl, there are alternatives. Remember to remove the coverings as soon as possible after pressure washing so that your plants don’t overheat.

Don’t forget your pets and kids.

For safety reasons, please ask all family members to remain inside until the washing process is complete. Keep your children inside while you pressure wash the house. Consider some fun indoor family games that will keep everyone safe inside. Remember to bring your pets inside during the cleaning process if you have them outside.

Don’t forget your other pets, such as your birds and aquarium. Be sure to also think about the safety of your pressure washer workers. Some pets may pose a risk to the pressure washer workers. A dog might attack or bark at strangers, making workers feel stressed or threatened.


You may be familiar with the preparations for your project. Consider your options before scheduling a session of pressure washing with a reputable contractor. Apply the tips in this article to your home before you call the contractors. You can achieve the best results by preparing yourself and your family for the service.

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