Living Room Wall Decor Ideas: Refresh Your Room with Style

Living rooms are an important part of anyone’s home. They are where you spend most of your time, whether alone, with friends, or even with family. You can watch TV, eat, and work here—the list is endless. This is a place in your home where you can relax and create great memories with friends and family. Your living room should be comfortable, beautiful, and functional, regardless of its purpose or size.

You are responsible for the design of your living room, as you will be living there. You need to plan carefully your ideas for small living rooms to create a cohesive look and feel for your interior wall and floor decor.

You can choose from a variety of carpets to customize the look of your living room. There are also many options for the walls. In this article, we will discuss some decoration ideas. Some of these ideas also incorporate Vaastu-related pointers.

Hang Mirrors on the Wall

Mirrors have been a popular piece of home décor for centuries. Mirrors are useful for checking your appearance, and they also make small spaces appear larger. They also reflect light, which brightens this area. You can either hang one large mirror or a number of smaller mirrors on the wall in your living room. A carpet underlay is also a great way to finish the design.


Even if you don’t need to store many items, you can install antique shelves, hanging shelves, and comparison shelves in your living room. You can use this area to display books, souvenirs, and e-photos. Antique bottles, showpieces, and antique bottles will give the room a more lived-in look.

If there is a bathroom adjacent to the living area, consider installing wood flooring in the bathroom.

Vastu tip: Keep the shelves and other heavy objects and elevated objects in the southwest corner.

Greenery all the Way

Plants and trees add freshness to your environment. Keep small plants on the walls of your living room that open towards the balcony. You can also use plant hangers.

You can place a garage carpet underneath these plants so that water from the plants drips onto it and not your floor. Keep that area of the living space for plants. Use faux plants if you’re not good at watering.

Display Plates or Crockery

Why hide that fine Parisian bone china dining set or tea set? Hang plates in different colors, sizes, or designs. You can also use a wall and place a crockery table against it. The glass-door cabinets will show off your collection and, therefore, work as a decoration.

Use Upholstery on the Wall

We choose the material and color of tablecloths, carpets, etc. You can also choose to cover the wall in leather or cloth of various colors and textures. You can also contrast it with your carpet and sofas.

Track stains in your sofas, carpets, and upholstery. You can get tips for removing stains on carpets, sofas, and tablecloths online or from other experts.

Ascending wall painting

Paint one wall with bold and bright colors to give it an ascending appearance. You can also use stencils, wallpapers, or other styles to achieve the same look. This accent will give your small space a more spacious and enhanced appearance.

The ceiling and floor are next. Remember to use wall-to-wall carpets that contrast with the look of your wall. The only thing left to do is to learn how to maintain the carpet.

Convert a wall into a frame gallery.

A wall filled with photos, paintings, and antique frames in different sizes and colors is the perfect way to decorate a space. Keep the wall white or neutral in color. Choose antique frames or modern styles. You can also extend the frames up to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.

Use wall quotes

Wall quotes can be used to decorate your wall and inspire those around you. Quotes can be painted or pasted on a wall as a mural. It can also be black or colorful. Quotes can also be hung on the wall. You can also use quotes that are personalized or famous quotes from any major personality. You can use these quotes to cover an entire wall or a corner.

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