Landscape Ideas to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

It’s good to enjoy some sunshine every now and then. Colorado has more than 300 sunny days per year, so it is obvious that residents enjoy spending time outdoors.

Many homeowners in Fort Collins transform the outdoor areas around their homes and especially their front yards to enjoy the Colorado climate.

You should build your dream landscape if you are among the 53.1% of homeowners in Fort Collins who love sunshine.

Searching online for the best nurseries in Fort Collins will yield many results, but these five landscaping tips are essential to improving the curb appeal of any property.

Rock Features

The addition of rock features to your yard can add a unique appeal. Not only do they improve the look of your yard, but they also have more functionality. A pathway of flat stones can add instant charm to your yard and be a great way for you to navigate the mud when it rains. You can also install multiple larger rocks in creative shapes and clusters.

Improve The Flowerbed Borders

If your lawn has old metal edges that separate sections, you can experiment with borders or sections for your flower beds. By updating the borders on the flowerbeds and lawns, you can improve your front yard.

You can also use red bricks and stone borders instead of metal edgings. The stone border is more natural looking and instantly enhances the appeal of your front yard.

Consider Changing the Plants in Your Front Yard

Consider planting larger trees in your yard. Large trees instantly improve the appearance of your house. Dogwood Trees are one of the best trees to plant because they have beautiful blooms in white, pink, and red throughout the year. They also increase property value, even in small gardens. You can also plant Japanese lilacs, American hornbeams, Russian hawthorns, Kentucky coffee trees, and American hornbeams on your front lawn to give it a classy look.

They will make your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. These plants are ideal for Colorado’s climate and require minimal care. These plants can be purchased from any Fort Collins nursery.

Plant Perennial Shrubs in the Front Yard

You can plant Azaleas and Hydrangeas in your front garden. It may take them a year before they bloom fully, but once they do, they will add a beautiful splash of color to your yard.

Perennial shrubs can be inexpensive and easy to maintain. Please consult your local nursery for Fort Collins to learn how to grow and plant them. The landscaping experts can also help you trim them to avoid uneven growth.

Use Landscaping Lights

Landscape lighting is one of the cheapest ways to improve your lawn’s appearance instantly. They are available at your local Walmart or lighting stores in Fort Collins.

If you’re looking to conserve the environment and save money, you could opt for solar garden lighting that doesn’t require electricity. They will automatically come on at night when the sun sets. You can choose the color and place the lights where you like. Lanterns, pathway lighting, and faux rocks can be used creatively.

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