How to Make Your Home Feel Private

You want to relax after a hard day at home. This cannot be easy to achieve if you don’t have enough privacy in your home. You may feel anxious or uneasy. Here are some tips to make your house feel more private.


Blinds can make your windows more private. Add them to the main windows to allow light to enter and illuminate your room while blocking out unwanted visitors.


If you want to block out all light, thick curtains will do the trick. However, the room is still dark when the curtains are up. These are a good option at night to block out light. According to a study conducted by Burton Roofing, 80 percent of the 2000 people surveyed admit that they peek through neighbor’s windows. Close your curtains facing populated areas so that people can’t see into your house.


Installing skylight windows is a great way to get bright, natural light in your home, even if you have curtains or blinds. The skylight windows are oriented towards the sky, so they will not reveal any interior details even if someone looks at them.


It can also make a big difference to your garden if you decide to keep it more private. It can be awkward when neighbors can see into your garden. To avoid this, you can put up larger fences that are ideally higher than the height of a human being. This will give you a bit more privacy in your garden.


promoting greenery is an alternative that you may find appealing if you don’t want to build high fences. Trees and shrubs that are tall can block the view of your garden and, if they’re high enough, can make it difficult to look into your home windows. Hedges placed along the garden perimeter can also have a similar impact. The more wild your garden is, the more discrete it can be.

Rearrange your living space.

Rearranging your home can also work. You could, for example, swap your downstairs living room with your upstairs bedroom. You can use thick curtains to keep your bedroom private while still having a bright and open upstairs space.

Creating a more private home can improve your mood. You can make your house more discreet by reassessing the living space and blocking out obvious windows with curtains.

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