How to Decorate your home to create a sense of space

Many people today choose smaller living spaces, whether it’s an apartment in the city or a farmhouse in the countryside. These homes are more energy efficient, easier to maintain, and have a smaller impact on the environment than larger ones. One of the most difficult things to do in these homes is to find a decorating style that expresses one’s personality while still creating an open and spacious feeling. These four options will help you create space in your home.


Mirrors can make a small room appear twice as large. One of the latest trends in small bathrooms is to install a floor-to-ceiling wall mirror. Add mirrors to hallways and dining rooms. Also, place them above mantels or over buffets.

Find Smart Storage Solutions

Clutter can make any home seem small and cramped. You can make your home look bigger by cleaning knickknacks off of bookcases, hiding games and newspapers in closed cabinets, and organizing everyday items on a mirror tray. Decorators may also use storage ottomans for living rooms, beds with drawers, and canvas or baskets to organize clutter in family rooms.

Use Bi-fold doors

They are ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms or bathrooms. They do not have the same soundproofing or insulation qualities as heavier doors, but they are half the size when opened. Facelift For Homes offers bi-fold window doors that can be used as a way to separate living rooms and playrooms while still allowing light into the space.

Use small-profile tables and chairs.

To create the illusion of space, choose low-profile, narrow tables and chairs that are lightweight and have a slim profile. Avoid bulky sofas, heavy tables, and oversized, heavy chairs. Consider choosing two slipper chairs in the living room or a narrow entry desk that fits behind the front entrance. Or, consider an armless couch.

No matter the size of the space, creativity will help homeowners create their decorating style. If you are feeling lost, you can seek the help of a professional decorator. They can show how to save space and reduce furniture. It is often the small decorative details that can make a house feel more spacious.

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