How 6 Disney Villains would decorate their homes

Do you want to get rid of the cupcake chic trend? You want a little bit of darkness to your home decor.

You may be a Disney Villain.

Angie’s List has taken a new approach to a popular trend, imagining Disney princesses in real life. They have imagined how six cartoon villains might decorate their homes for the year 2019. Their choices are deliciously dark.

What’s inside the box? First things first, evil is in (aside from certain tasteless autocrats). The shadowy look is hot. Off-white walls may look good on Instagram, but in the ‘dream homes’ of suburban princesses, they look a little mediocre.

Look instead at the charcoal-black walls Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty’s evil fairies, has chosen for her 21st-century boudoir. They do remind us of the character’s horns but also the purples and the greens in her color scheme. You may not want to hang her deer head on your wall, but you can check out the dark and sexy antler chandelier, which is a major player in ceilings for 2019!

You don’t have to go quite so dark as Maleficent to embrace your inner evil interior designer. The Disney character Ursula from The Little Mermaid has brought her aqua color scheme to life, but she’s ditched the dark. The stars are the focus of today’s bad men, but smart women (whether evil or not) look to the oceans as a source of inspiration and hope. The sea is a vastly unexplored resource that could be used to develop sustainable and ethical farming. Why not use home design to celebrate the beauty and danger of the ocean? The biophilia of this Disney villain begins with green: leafy plants compliment the weathered algae green walls. After years of dry Instagram shells, the saturated look is warm and human.

What about these Disney bad boys? Jafar, the Genie and sorcerer from Aladdin, chose something showier and oriental for his bedroom. Persian carpets are timeless, as are Jafar’s birdcage-style hanging lamps. The overall look of this room depends on your feelings about gold. The villainous sorcerer’s boudoir is a very attractive place to visit, thanks to the uncluttered mise-en-scene.

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