Does hard water ruin your home?

Some people claim that soft water is sweeter than hard water. Hard water can be bad for your home, even if it tastes better. Hard water is present in 85% of U.S. households. It can cause damage to your home’s pipes, ruin appliances, and stain the bath and sink. Learn more about the damage that hard water can cause in your home.

Bathroom Impact

Imagine spending $10,000 to remodel your bathroom only to have hard water ruin it within months. Hard water can cause mineral deposits on taps, sinks, and bathtubs. It also leaves a white residue. You may also feel that your bathroom tiles and glass shower doors are always dirty. If you can, dry everything out as much as possible after it has gotten wet. By wiping the taps, shower doors, tiles, and other surfaces, you can prevent the mineral deposits from forming. Lemon juice and vinegar can be used to remove stains caused by hard water.

Pipework problems

When hard water comes in contact with soap, it can cause your drainage system and pipes to clog. The soap then forms curds, which block the pipes. Your shower head’s pipes are likely also to be affected. In areas with hard water, like Indianapolis, Las Vegas, or Minneapolis, water flow can drop by up to 75%. It would be best if you prevented your pipes from being damaged by hard water. Plumbing issues can be costly and time-consuming. Water softener installation services often recommend a water softener as it increases the life and effectiveness of pipes. These softeners reduce the mineral content in the water, making it softer.

Appliance Damage

It is unlikely that replacing your kettle due to hard water buildup will have a significant impact on your budget. Hard water can also damage appliances you may not have even considered. Hard water will gradually damage your water heater as mineral deposits build up and affect the heating element. This will eventually rupture, and you will need to repair it or replace your heating system. You should also be cautious if you use a whole-house humidifier. The mineral deposits in the unit can get into the air, leaving white dust all over your house. This buildup could also cause the unit to malfunction due to the mold. Hard water can cause appliances to malfunction if they are not maintained regularly. Water filters for humidifiers can prevent scale buildup in your water heater.

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