DIY Decorating Ideas for an Energised Home

You and your home have a close connection. Your home will feel a negative energy if you’re in a bad mood. If you are feeling a bit dull, it could be because of the decor in your room.

Now is the time to give your home a new look on a tight budget. These DIY decorating ideas are a great family activity and will freshen your home.

A Magical Bedroom

You can only relax in your bedroom after a long day. The decor should be peaceful and dreamy.

How else could you create a magical atmosphere in your bedroom than with light strands? You will need the following materials to complete this quick project:

  • Curtain rod
  • Sheer white curtains
  • Christmas lights

The curtain rod should be hung above the headboard at the same height. It is best to avoid lighting the headboard as it could cause the installation to break. Now it’s a fun time! Wrap the rod in holiday lights however you like.

Corky Garden

This is the best wine cork project. This project is for you if you’ve always wanted a friendly, tiny garden suspended in your home.

What you’ll need to transform your wine corks into a miniature flower garden is:

  • Wine corks;
  • Magnets;
  • Sharp knife;
  • Succulent plants;
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

You can also carve out the inside of the corks for plants. You don’t need them to crack. Magnets can be glued inside the corks before you move the plants. Continue the project by writing phrases or words that you will remember on the corks. You can now stick your mini Babylon garden to any metal surface.

Cloud Lamp

What could be more inspiring than a friendly, stormy cloud in your own home? A lamp of this kind can cost up to $3,000! You can make a beautiful lamp yourself on a budget. The result will be just as stunning as the original lamps.

What you will need is:

  • Cotton batting;
  • Paper lantern;
  • String;
  • Glue Gun
  • LED Lights

Let’s get to work! Begin by gluing cotton batting pieces on the lantern. At this stage, you need to work quickly as the glue will dry too fast. Press the cotton batting onto the lamp for a few seconds after you have glued it. This will prevent it from coming off later as you continue to glue the cotton batting and fluff it up so that the pieces look like clouds. Once you have finished applying the batting to the entire surface of the lamp and tied it with the string, insert the light source. Now you have your very own ethereal, personal cloud!

Floating Shelf

In every home, there’s always room for another shelf. New things are always finding their way into the house, whether it’s books, souvenirs, or flower glasses. Why not dedicate a space to special memories?

What you will need:

  • Round wooden plate
  • Scissors;
  • Yarn.

Cut your yarn into 50 pieces measuring 3.5 yards. Then, gather the new strings and tie a knot at the center. Dividing the lower portion of the tie into four equal parts. Each of the four sections can be twisted to create some beautiful braids.

Leave 4 inches between each knot. Hang the yarn on a nail or another support at a height that is high enough. Then, slide your wooden plate into the lower portion. You’ve now got a hanging shelf.

Give Lots Of Rope

It may be made for practical purposes, but the rope can be used as a stylish home decorator.

Materials needed:

  • Rope;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Paint.

Use the rope to wrap around any furniture piece you wish to make it cozier and warmer. Rope can be used to cover chair legs, lamp shades, drawer handles or handles, and other surfaces. Paint the rope a bright color, like yellow, to create a reviving atmosphere. You can also combine different colors. You can give your house a whole new look for a minimal amount of money and effort!

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