Ceiling design ideas that make a statement

Look up for a moment at your Ceiling. It’s painted in a plain white color. You can make your Ceiling look anything you want! Ceilings with decorations have been popular in recent years and have added a lot of interest to any room. You can add some style to your bedroom, living room, or bathroom with these 22 ceiling decor ideas. These eye-catching ceiling decoration ideas show that you don’t have to avoid using shiplap, paint, or Wallpaper.

Keep it Scandinavian

This contemporary home has a simple wooden ceiling that gives it a Scandinavian feel. Install an attractive light fitting to draw attention upwards. The light fixture is modern and fits in perfectly with the home’s style.

Design Around Your Beams

It’s not necessary to leave beams in their original state. For added glamour, consider painting the beams and painting or adding Wallpaper around them. A sky-blue color adds a soothing touch to the bedroom.

Enjoy Yourself

Have some fun! The Ceiling of this whimsical room is also bright and colorful, with scalloped pieces. Geometric Wallpaper adds even more character to the room.

Lacquer: Make it Luxurious

This lacquered Ceiling is sophisticated and moody. This is a perfect opportunity to play with color.

Shiplap is a good choice.

Shiplap is still popular, making this kitchen look even larger and more inviting. Shiplap can be painted in any color, but plain white is a good option.

Mix it up

It’s okay to mix patterns, so don’t worry if your ceiling print differs from your floor pattern. Powder bathrooms are a great place to take design risks. You can separate them from the rest of the house, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Just a bit of Wallpaper

Why wallpaper the entire Ceiling when you could do a part? A starry wallpaper gives the rounded part of the tall bathroom ceiling a little extra attention.

Green Everywhere

The Ceiling in this bathroom is having a green moment. Who wouldn’t like to prepare for the day in a space so vibrant and inviting?

Prioritize a Portion

We see another small example where only a portion is wallpapered. This turret area has been given a feminine touch with Wallpaper.

Go Rustic

This one is for the farmhouse design fans. This rustic kitchen has a beautiful and natural-looking wooden ceiling that gives it a lot of character. It also looks gorgeous with the stone walls.

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