Brooks Wells highlights Minimalist Home Décor Trends to Watch

It is fascinating to look back at the home decor trends over the years. Trends are constantly changing. From the vibrant floral wallpaper in your grandmother’s kitchen in the 1970s to the retro revamped terrazzo accents of last year, they’re always evolving.

Minimalism is gaining popularity worldwide thanks to forward-thinking innovators like Marie Kondo and Ryan Nicodemus. The name of minimalism is not limited to grey walls or sterile furniture. It can simply mean having less “stuff.”

All walks of life are embracing minimalism. Individuals can create a tranquil, welcoming atmosphere in their homes by incorporating minimalist trends. This will foster creativity and provide a peaceful place to relax and unwind.

Brooks Wells has provided 3 Minimalist Decor Trends for 2019 that you should be aware of.

Clean and clutter-free living spaces:

It may seem simple, but homeowners often struggle to implement minimalism in their homes. Imagine all your old toys and knickknacks. Or the drawers filled with clothing that hasn’t fitted since the first year. This excess “stuff” does not add any value to the space. It is just clutter. Ask yourself: “Do I need this? Does it bring me joy, or is it just gathering dust?”

Simplify Your Color Palette:

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a splash of color, but earthy and neutral tones are equally striking. Choose a neutral color for your walls (like light gray, classic white, or cream). The room will feel instantly brighter, cleaner, and more inviting. Then, you can choose a few accents in warm colors (such as reds, yellows, or oranges) to bring warmth and color to the room.

Quality over Quantity:

You will invest in higher quality products when you adopt the “less is more” philosophy. You will not be buying as many things to fill up your home, so you can invest in items you love. If you want a throw blanket, you’re more likely to go for a durable, soft blanket if you don’t have any excess decor. To clear clutter and not compromise your hoarding habits, invest in high-quality storage. The stylish storage will help you organize while hiding your inner maximalist.

Incorporate Natural Elements:

Open, airy areas are the hallmark of minimalism. Natural elements are calming and organic, which makes them an ideal addition to any minimalist. You can add sophistication to your space by incorporating earthy details such as wooden beams and stone and copper features. Consider adding stone pots to your houseplants if you want a simple addition.

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