Bay Area Home Decor Trends to Follow

The San Francisco Bay Area is undoubtedly one of the most desirable places to live in America. Interior design should reflect your style and sophistication. The weather is perfect, and the lifestyle is extravagant. Following are the top five home decor trends you should follow when you move to the Bay Area in California.

Gorgeous Green Homes

California recently banned fur sales. The state is known for its progressive and environmentally friendly mindset. Vegan-style greenhouses are now in style! The law, as well as the social climate, is pushing people to create eco-friendly homes that incorporate materials that aren’t harmful to the environment and are also good for the health of the family. This trend is known as Biophilia. It’s a theory that suggests humans are drawn to nature by an innate urge. Homeowners are bringing nature indoors.

Bay Area residents have been incorporating plants and other natural decor into their homes. Many studies have shown that living in a green and natural environment can help us feel more stable. Having lots of houseplants at home has many health and psychological benefits. They not only purify the air but also improve our focus.

Bay Area residents also prefer furniture made from non-animal materials. The Bay Area residents are avoiding leather, wool, and silk in favor of natural, pure vegan alternatives.

Colors and Patterns

Californians have started to rebel against the minimalist approach in terms of color schemes and patterns. The Bay Area is not afraid to play with color and decorate their homes with colorful home accessories, creative wallpapers, and dazzling furnishings. Meanwhile, the rest of the country still has dull white or dull grey rooms. Check out the Instagram accounts of Bay Area interior designers for inspiration.

Polychromatic furniture is becoming more popular. You can add personality to your decor by pairing your monotonous seating with different pillows.

Self-care is the latest trend.

Self-care is important when it comes to decorating a home today. It involves putting aside worldly things and focusing on practices that reduce stress, both mental and physical.

Bay Area residents have begun to create spa rooms in their homes, which promote relaxation and mental peace. The spaces are filled with functional and comfortable items, such as sofas, soft colors and rugs, and Natural Lighting, to make the owners feel more relaxed and comfortable when they return home after work.

The types of accessories you use in your house should be based on your needs. You can include water features in your landscaping because you may want to hear the soothing sound of water. Many homeowners are also upgrading their faucets in order to relax during bath time. Patios and outdoor areas are also becoming more decorated.

The nursery-themed kids room is a thing of the past.

In the past, children’s rooms were decorated to appear as if they had landed out of a fairytale or a bedtime tale. Many Bay Area residents have opted to ditch the traditional specialized furniture for kids in favor of designs that blend with their existing home decor. This is a good way to maintain the look of your interior. It’s also practical, as your children will grow and their rooms will need to be in harmony with the rest.

Wooden floors and hand-crafted furnishings

To add sophistication to your home decor, you can choose wooden cabinets and floors instead of carpets and rugs. The trendiest choice is still to use larger planks. Hand-crafted decorative furnishings are gaining popularity, and machine-made furniture is falling out of fashion. Hand-carved traditional artwork and hand-woven blankets and hangings will give your home decor a personal touch.

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