5 Steam Carpet Cleaning Benefits

You know your carpets need to be cleaned, but did you also know that steam cleaning can provide more benefits than just a clean carpet?

Professional carpet steam cleaning in brisbane will protect your family and carpet.

– Removing Trapped Pollutants

– Clear Out Dust Mite Infestations

– How to Prevent Mold Growth

– Increase the carpet life

– Refresh, Renew and Restore

Our professionals use powerful steam cleaning machines and safe, eco-friendly, and effective cleaners. We remove more than just stains and grime. We also eliminate hidden pollutants and allergies.

1. Steam Carpet Cleaning Removes Pollutants.

The dirtiest carpets can contain pollutants from multiple sources.

  • Dead bugs, pet dander and cockroach allergens.
  • Lead and foreign particles brought in from the outdoors and workplace.
  • Carpeting absorbs and releases VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds) from paints, cigarette smoke, and other sources.

Even normal household activities can release significant amounts of pollutants into the air. Children who play on carpets are more likely to be exposed to pollutants.

2. Steam Carpet Cleaning Clears Dust Mites.

Dust mites are everywhere in our homes. They live in upholstered furniture, carpets, mattresses, beddings, curtains, and soft fabric toys. Like us, they thrive in warm and moist environments. They feed on human skin flakes, pollens, fungi and bacteria as well as animal dander.

Allergens include dust mite proteins and their waste. The microscopic particles are released by normal activity. We breathe them in and they worsen allergies.

Preventing dust mites from settling in your carpets is the best way to minimize their presence. A HEPA-filter vacuum that is used regularly and thoroughly will help. This filter is designed to trap dust mites, and the dander that they feed off as you vacuum.

Our proven carpet cleaning methods kill dust mites as they live in your carpet. The high temperatures used to clean the carpet will not allow them to survive.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaning Helps to Prevent Mold.

Molds can cause allergic reactions. Carpets are at risk of mold growth. Mold needs moisture, air, dust and a surface on which to grow in order to grow.

The key to preventing mould is to keep your carpets dry.

Moisture can easily be tracked on your carpet when it rains or snows. It is best to use door mats, and remove shoes. If it gets wet, you can prevent mold by blotting and drying the area, then vacuuming.

If standing water is caused by a spill or leak, all carpeting exposed must be cleaned immediately. The top and bottom of the carpet, the padding underneath and the flooring should also be dried.

We have a team of emergency water removal experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our machines and fans will help you to dry and clean your carpets.

4. Steam carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet.

High-performance carpets are rarely “worn out”. As soil and traffic begin to take their toll, your carpet will slowly lose its original beauty.

To maintain the original beauty and luster of your carpet, recommends deep cleaning it every 12-18 months. The frequency of deep cleaning may have to be adjusted based on:

  • Your household’s lifestyle
  • Vacuuming frequency
  • Dark or light carpeting

Before your carpet becomes too dirty, it’s vital to thoroughly clean it. The soil grinds down the carpet fibers, shortening its life. As soil is pushed into the carpet by foot traffic, your carpets will become more difficult to clean and costlier.

We use steam extraction to deep clean carpets because it is the best. We use biodegradable, safe cleaning agents to spray on your carpet. Then, we vacuum up the dirt and solution using a powerful truck-mounted machine. Our equipment and cleaning products are far more powerful than those available in stores and rental units.

5. Refresh, Renew and Restore.

It’s a wonderful feeling to walk barefoot over a soft, newly cleaned carpet. Your decor will be instantly improved with a stylish, luxurious, and comfortable carpet.

You can enjoy a clean and fresh home.

You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have taken the necessary measures to protect your family from any hidden health hazards in your carpeting.

Make your guests feel at home and comfortable with a clean, neat carpet that says “WELCOME”.

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