What Home Decor Can Do to Affect Pest Infestation

The houses of people reveal many things about their personalities. The type of roof, the size of the home, and even the interior painting will tell a lot about your personality. Home decor is the best at this.

Decorating a home can be a fun and relaxing task for many reasons. You can also use it as a way to get some exercise. You can also express yourself. Many house decorating ideas sound in different styles.

There are many themes to choose from when it comes time to decorate your home. Some of the most popular themes include black and white, geometric patterns, vintage designs, and nature-themed designs.

Pests can ruin everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve in your home. Pests can destroy your property and invade your home. Call the professionals at Moxie Pest Control for help.

How can decoration attract pests?

Plants, trees, and flowers can attract pests. You may unknowingly attract pests to your house if you have plants that your pets prefer. Halloween decorations like gourds and squash can attract pests. You might find yourself scratching your head during the Christmas season when wood-chewer insects infest your tree.

Preventing house infestation is possible by being careful when choosing your home decor. Other pests may ruin the time you spend with your family, but these are the ones that you will most likely encounter based on your home’s theme.

Home decor choices can cause pest problems

Dark Themes

Mosquitos will flock to your home if it has a dark color scheme. These insects love dark colors. These include matte black finishes, vibrant reds, and earthy brown tones. Mosquitoes can be attracted to these colors. To deter pests, introduce lighter colors into your decor themes.

Light-Colored Themes

Furniture carpet beetles, cockroaches, and ants can all be attracted to light-colored themes. Carpet beetles are known to cause damage to window sills, walls, and food. This problem can be reduced by sealing holes and cracks.

Front Yard Plant Decor

You can expect mosquitoes to try to share your space if you have many indoor plants or if you use them as outdoor decor. Snakes and wasps are the most dangerous pests attracted to an untidy garden. Keep your plants as far away from your house as possible.

Too Much Wooden Furniture

The wooden theme is also the most common for your furniture and wall art. It can be a problem as wood is a material that attracts many pests.

Common Wood Pests and How to Prevent Them


Termites are one of the most common wood pests to invade our homes. You may have to replace the infrastructure if you are dealing with a severe infestation. Termites are a serious threat to your home. This is especially true if you have a wooden foundation or roofing. Sealing cracks and holes is one way to keep these pests out.

Powder Post Beetles

It’s possible that you won’t be able to see Powder Post Beetles, but they are capable of damaging your wooden furniture. Powder post beetles are easily identified by the fine sawdust that accumulates in small piles on your furniture. These pests only attack hardwood. DIY remedies available include using borate insecticides. If the infestation is severe, you may want to seek help from a local pest control provider.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are common in the Northwest part of the United States. They do not eat the wood, but they nest on it, and their strong jaws are able to make holes in wooden structures. They are known to attack doors and structures hidden behind insulation in the southern U.S. Sealing cracks will keep them out of your home, just like you would with other pests. You can also cut the tree branches that are entering your home through the windows or roof.

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