The Upcoming Home Decor Trends Are Here to Stay

Home design changes constantly. In the past few years, several modern design features have made waves. More are expected to shake up the industry.

Twenty-eight percent of Americans believe that colorful statement art plays a crucial role in interior design. Natural elements and smart furniture are also popular contemporary design features.

What are some of the home design trends that we can look forward to in 2023?

Gothic Interiors

Goth is back in a big, bold way. It may have been forgotten over the past 15 years, but it’s making a comeback. Decorators are using traditional gothic aesthetics as inspiration to create dramatic and moody interiors.

It’s important to note that gothic does not mean everything must be black. You can bring in traditional antique furniture along with other elements.

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Add some candles to create a gothic atmosphere on a smaller budget, even if you don’t have the budget for a major renovation.

Beautiful Browns

Nature-inspired interiors are a major trend for 2022. Due to the chaos that is occurring around the world, almost every major paint brand has decided to make shades of brown the top color for 2023.

Warm, earthy browns are calm and are the most popular color palettes of the year. Bring some mid-tone browns to your home and create a relaxing oasis.

Cute Coquette

You have a short time to make an excellent first impression at your home. Most studies say that you only have seven seconds to create a great first impression. This is also true for your home. Cute coquettes are a new trend born out of the smooth girl movement.

The African smooth girl aesthetic has slowly spread to the West. What does it mean in the home decor world?

Look for wallpaper in pastel tones with white furniture and gilded mirrors. Soft indie music is the best accompaniment to this vibe. Be careful not to err into the bubblegum-pop world. Smooth girl style doesn’t mean you have to decorate your home in the same way as a five-year-old girl.

Dark Academia

Dark academia is the opposite. Dark academia, in contrast to the smooth girl style, is a throwback to the past.

When people think of academia, they imagine huge bookshelves, a roaring fireplace, and dark interiors. Dark academia is characterized by rich colors on the walls, dark wood furniture, and a lot of books.

Consider custom-made bookshelves if you want to go for a dark academic look. To complete this look, dark woods such as ebony work well.

Gallery Walls

As homeowners examine the things in their homes, gallery walls are returning. People are looking for ways to personalize their homes and avoid conformity.

Use gallery walls to create a focal point in your room. It’s a great way to fill up empty wall space, and it is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a large work of art.

Fill your walls with colors, patterns, and memories from your past by decorating with vintage or thrifted frames.

Kitschy Kitchens

Retro art has been making a comeback in the past couple of years. In 2018, expect to see kitchen designs return to kitschy.

Colorful Pyrex can be a throwback to the 1970s, and you can choose any color that suits your mood.

Kitchens in 2023 will be cute, rather than the practical styles that have dominated recent home decor.

1970s decor

Styles and fashions from the 1970s are also making a comeback. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have been embracing this aesthetic throughout the year in their performances. The same trend has also made its way into home design.

Think of low-lying modular furniture, earthy color palettes, and wild, bold patterns that define a period.

You don’t need to copy your grandparents’ living room. Use it as inspiration to create some modern designs.

Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tiles are a composite made of marble, glass, or granite chips. More and more bathrooms and kitchens are using these stunning wall and floor treatments. 2023 is expected to be the year of this material’s biggest success.

Terrazzo does not have to be flashy. You can choose from monochrome or splashes of color to make your room stand out. This unique tile can leave a lasting impression on guests.

Terrazzo can steal the spotlight from a room. Make sure that it is the main attraction and not just a secondary feature. If you use it in the wrong way, terrazzo can create a chaotic and bewildering look.


Home interior designers expect to see Gothic, smooth girl, and terrazzo in 2023. It’s not necessary to try to incorporate all the latest trends into your home to stay trendy.

Think about what you like and start there. Your home is like your castle. The priority is to create a place where you can spend time comfortably.

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