Signs Of A Sewer Leak In Your Home

Most homeowners ignore sewer leaks until it is too late. You can save money and reduce stress by being proactive. Sewer leaks can be difficult to detect. Untreated, they can cause serious damage.

Here are some warning signs that you may have a sewer backup in your home.

Unexplained Wet or Damp Spots on Floors, Walls Or Carpet

Unexpected damp spots in your carpet, on the wall, or on the floor around the toilet are usually signs of a leak. They are difficult to detect because there is usually no obvious pool of liquid. Experts in Carmel leak detection note that some of the most important signs include:

  • Unidentified stains or dampness in your bathroom floor
  • Mold growth on damp surfaces such as walls
  • At certain times, you may hear a gurgling sound coming from your floor when drains or toilets are being used.

It is important to get the area checked by a professional if you see any of these signs. They can locate the leak and fix it before further damage is done.

Unpleasant sewer gas smell

A gassy, unpleasant smell is another sign of a possible sewer gas leak. This may be a problem for your whole house or only one part of it. You should call a professional to check out the odor if you’ve been noticing it for longer than two weeks.

Inhaling sewer gas can be hazardous, so you should act quickly. It’s not a good idea to work or live in an area that this toxin may contaminate. The best option is to call in professionals to help you deal with sewer gases.

Wet patches on the ground outside

If you see damp ground around your house, especially near the sewer pipes, you may have a leaking or blocked drain. This is a silent sign of a plumbing problem. Even if you don’t see any water on the ground, it’s still important to look for signs of a leak in your yard.

Your sewer pipes are likely to have been leaking for some time before you notice the damp patches. Contact a plumber immediately to determine the cause of the problem. You may wish to replace old pipes with new ones if you have them. It may be a big job, but it could save you money over time.

Color Changes in Your Water

You may have noticed a change in the color of the water. This could indicate that something is wrong with your drains. A problem with your sewer line can cause brown or black water. Do not hesitate to contact an expert if you suspect that there is a problem in your sewer.

You don’t want sewage running into your foundation or, more importantly, your water pipes because of leaks. Water contamination can be harmful to your family’s health.

Inspect your septic system every three years.

Although septic systems were designed to last decades, the elements eventually cause them to fail. Therefore, it is vital to maintain septic systems in areas where they are prevalent.

These inspections will allow you to determine if there are any septic problems. It is important to fix any issues before they become worse and cost more.

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