Online source for luxury furniture, lighting, and home decor is a virtual showroom for luxury furniture, home decor, and Italian and European furniture. connects shoppers with the finest in luxury Italian furniture, as well as the most beautiful European decor. Our website features a collection of high-end Italian and European brands. Our services include lighting, home decor, and other home furnishings. Venicasa enhances your shopping experience.

Shop for Luxury Furniture

Venicasa offers a unique experience in exploration and design. From selection to room design to shipping and placing design pieces into your home, we are here to assist you at every step. Our global goal is to offer the best service, sales, and shipping worldwide. However, our local goal remains to deliver the small-business personal service you expect.

Luxury Furniture

What makes luxury furniture high-end different? The furniture is handmade in small workshops by highly skilled artisans. The construction of the piece begins with the choice of the best material for the piece. Gold, leather, fabrics, hardwoods, and marble are all common elements. Master artisans carefully shape and change each of these pieces. Wood is either carved to create an intaglio with vines and blossoms, or it can be cut into pieces that are inlaid on another type of wood. Chrome is bent and then polished to a high gloss. Textiles can be tufted or embroidered. Only when these pieces are perfectly constructed by high-quality craftsmanship can they be combined and become furniture.

High-End Lighting

Lighting is essential to showcasing your high-end furniture. Designer lighting is beautiful, sculptural, and an artwork in and of itself. It illuminates your world just right, illuminating details of high-end furnishings and setting the space ablaze with lights.

Luxurious Home Decor

Select your home decor items once you have installed your high-end lighting and furniture. These decorative items add a layer of elegance and beauty to the room while welcoming guests and family and creating harmony. You can choose from vases, pedestals, centerpieces, and much more.

Venicasa Styles to Suit All Tastes

Venicasa showrooms offer a history of styles. Find a timeless look with us, from classical Roman to contemporary.

Classic style takes inspiration from ancient Rome but updates it to today’s comfort and utility standards. It has clean lines, columns, and traditional materials such as marble.

Art Deco is characterized by a playful use of shapes and lines, with a focus on whimsical details. Art Deco is a style that dates back to the early 20th Century. It creates a nostalgic atmosphere.

Mid-Century Modern furniture is a re-invention that puts function first. This prioritization, in turn, creates new forms and shapes and simplifies the furniture to its basic elements, rendering it in modern materials such as leather and chrome.

Modern furniture is a collection of styles that are being developed today. The classic past inspires today’s most talented Italian designers to reinvent styles and lines. Organic detailing is a major trend today.

Glam is a contemporary style. Luxurious glam is brought to life with the light of crystals, precious metals, precious stones, and high gloss finishes.

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