To keep your building in top shape, you should address maintenance issues as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems. It is easier than you think to create a strong building maintenance strategy if you have good communication with the cleaning staff.

Create a checklist for office building maintenance and keep it handy. Schedule a meeting to discuss your maintenance protocol and strategy with your janitorial team. Your cleaning staff will be more likely to spot potential problems if they understand your maintenance priorities.

Asking your cleaning staff some key questions can help you identify many of the most significant building maintenance risks. Ask your office cleaning staff these four questions to see if they have noticed any threats in your facility.

Four Questions to Catch Building Maintenance Issues

Have you seen any signs of pests?

Critters leave behind a lot of evidence. Your cleaning staff should be notified if they see any bugs or rodent droppings. Where there is one pest, there will usually be more. They all come from somewhere. At the first sign that pests are present, call an exterminator. After the pests have been removed, clean all surfaces thoroughly to remove any bacteria that the vermin might have left. Be extra vigilant to avoid a reoccurrence.

Did you notice any water damage?

To prevent dangerous mold and flooding, it’s important to stop and treat water damage as soon as possible. Checking for water damage in vulnerable areas regularly could save you a lot of trouble and money.

Be sure to ask your office cleaners what they are looking for and how you can tell.

  • Water pooling on the roof
  • Drains and gutters clogged
  • Water staining on ceilings or walls
  • Leaks from plumbing and appliances including sinks, faucets, and toilets
  • Water lines, sump pumps or sewage pumps that are not working properly

Have you found any electrical issues?

It is easy to reduce your risk of fire and electrical hazards by keeping an eye on the surrounding area. Your cleaning service provider can clean and inspect all your outlets, circuits and panels once a monthly and notify you of any signs or malfunctioning equipment. One of your employees should also test all appliances plugged into outlets and flip the light switches once a year. Frayed wires or damaged cords need to be repaired immediately.

Call an electrician to check your property once or twice per year. This will give you more peace of mind and ensure that all electrical components and systems are working properly. A professional’s opinion can help you identify any inefficiencies, or other problems that could be costing money or causing you frustration.

Are There Carpet Or Upholstery Stains You Can’t Remove?

Unsightly stains and damage can have a negative impact on your business. Poorly maintained buildings give the impression to tenants, customers, and employees that you do not care about your building. Call Flash cleaning if your office cleaning service cannot remove stubborn stains. They will do the job with superior results. For top-notch office cleaning services in Auckland, trust Flash Cleaning to enhance the overall appearance and reputation of your business establishment.


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