How to Make Your Home Cozy and Inviting for the Holidays

It would be wonderful to have family and friends over for the holiday season. Make your home as inviting and warm as you can. Here are some ways to make you and your guests feel comfortable and cozy in your home this holiday season.

Create a welcoming entrance.

Make your guests feel welcome when they arrive at your home. You can add some outdoor lighting to guide them and a wreath on the front door to greet your guests. Make sure they have a place to wipe their shoes and a hook to hang coats or scarves.

Texture Throw Blankets

Add some throw blankets on your couch to make your holiday guests feel at home. When it is cold, a thick, fluffy blanket with a hot drink will be perfect. In the lounge, keep a basket of blankets ready for guests to grab. Add plenty of pillows for guests to snuggle up against. These pillows add warmth and comfort to any room.

Create A Fireplace Feature

Nothing is better than sitting by a fire, reading, or talking to family after a long winter walk. A wood-burning stove from Canada will add warmth to your living room and make it feel more welcoming, especially in winter. Decorate the mantle with a garland for the holidays. You can store your wood and kindling in a stylish basket near the fireplace. You can also add lanterns or candles to the hearth.

Subtle Lighting

The last thing you need is bright lights right in the middle. Add some table or floor lamps to the room instead of using the main light. This will allow you to illuminate the darker corners with a more subtle glow. You can even place some fairy lights on tables or sideboards. Candles flickering is also a great option. You can also use battery-operated candles to create a cozy atmosphere if you are worried about children coming over for the holidays.

Add A Large Rug

Add a large area rug to your hardwood floors for texture, warmth, and comfort. You can roll out a carpet just for the holidays if you don’t need it all year. You can use a large rug to create a focal point in your room. It can be matched with throw blankets or pillows.

Create a Hot Drinks Station

It’s not only welcoming but also fun to set up a hot drink station for your guests in the kitchen during the holidays. Set up a hot chocolate station with marshmallows and candies for your kids. Sprinkles and chocolate shavings can be added to the whipped cream for extra fun. Why not put some mulled cider or wine in the slow cooker for adults so that they can have a warm beverage whenever they want? It will also smell great in your kitchen.

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