Beyond the Backsplash: Creative Ways to Use Ceramic Tiles in Bathrooms

Ceramic tiles like glazed, unglazed and porcelain have gained popularity in bathroom design in Melbourne. As more and more people are interested in designer bathrooms, these tile options have more to offer than just being used for backsplashes. There are creative ways to incorporate ceramic tiles throughout your bathroom, enhancing its visual appeal and providing functional advantages. 

Thus, whether you are building a new home or planning home renovations, explore the innovative approaches listed below to use ceramic tiles in your bathroom. It is your chance to make bathroom tiles go beyond the conventional backsplash.

1. Creating a Striking Floor to Ceiling Feature Wall

Instead of restricting glazed, unglazed or porcelain tiles to a small portion of the wall, consider designing a floor-to-ceiling feature wall with them. This bold approach adds interest and creates an illusion of spaciousness in a smaller bathroom. You can find a variety of quality and beautiful ceramic or porcelain tiles in Melbourne to experiment with tile patterns and textures. These tiles can craft an eye-catching point that reflects your individual style.

2. Accentuating Nooks and Niches

Do you have any recessed nooks or niches in your bathroom? Consider transforming them into accents. Installing ceramic tiles inside these spaces adds colour and texture. It also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. This simple addition can turn an area into a design element that complements the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

3. Intricate Tile Patterns on Shower Walls

Showers present an opportunity to showcase tile patterns. Consider using porcelain tiles with designs or elaborate mosaic patterns on the walls of your shower. These patterns can create interest, add depth to the space and transform your shower into an actual work of art.

4. Decorative Bands

Add character and sophistication to your bathroom by incorporating borders or bands into your ceramic tile design plan. Whether you install them vertically as wall accents or horizontally as borders between tile types, these details can enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom while maintaining a cohesive look.

5. Unique Flooring Designs

Break away from flooring options by exploring unique flooring designs using ceramic tiles. Consider creating patterns or motifs with contrasting or coordinating tiles. Whether it’s a herringbone pattern or a custom design, distinctive flooring can give your bathroom that “wow” factor.

6. Textured Tiles for Statement Walls

Don’t overlook the impact of textured porcelain tiles on statement walls when seeking ways to utilise tiles in bathrooms. Textured tiles on a wall surface can add depth and dimension, imitating the appearance of stone or other materials without the associated maintenance challenges.

7. Functional Tile Accents

Enhance the functionality of your bathroom by integrating tiles into elements. For instance, you can install a bench or shelf within the shower area to conveniently store bath essentials. It serves a purpose and adds visual appeal, seamlessly complementing the overall design scheme. 

8. Bathroom Vanity Backsplash

While we aim to explore ideas in this post, it’s essential not to overlook the impact of a designed ceramic tile backsplash behind your bathroom vanity. Consider using colours, intriguing textures or geometric patterns to make a statement while protecting the wall from water splashes and stains. These tiles are also easy to clean and keep mould away which makes them a great addition for your bathroom.

Remember that you’re not limited to one of these ideas – feel free to mix and match according to your taste and style! The versatility of tiles allows you to unleash your creativity and transform every aspect of your bathroom into something remarkable.


When contemplating using tiles in bathrooms, think beyond the backsplash application. From floor-to-ceiling feature walls to unique flooring designs and decorative accents, you can incorporate ceramic tiles into your bathroom design in various creative ways to make it stand out. Hence, let your imagination run wild and try out different patterns and textures. Allow these innovative ways of using ceramic tiles to become the focal point in turning your bathroom into a visually appealing sanctuary that showcases your unique style.

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