Avoid these Home Decor Trends for Homeowners

It’s time for the new year to look back at the decor trends of the past year and throw some of them out. Here are the top 10 trends to avoid for 2016:

Mason Jars

The Mason Jar trend was big this year. We saw everything from Mason-jar chandeliers to salt shakers. The Mason jar is a great tool for craft projects or storage jars. But let’s be honest: the trend has gotten out of control. You may have been waiting for the right time to replace your light fixtures with a weird combination of wood and jars, or you might be planning your bathroom around a Mason jar. Don’t.


Burlap is a great alternative to mason jars. If you are buying inferior materials to make it appear that you have upcycled items in your home, then you need to ask yourself why. Burlap is scratchy, has a dull color, and is overused. It’s the exact opposite of what you want. You can use the odd piece of burlap here and there, like a cross stitch or a curtain tie, but why cover your entire couch with this horrible, scratchy material just to be trendy? Stop.

The Feature Wall

We all decided at some point that we should paint a wall in vibrant color and call it the feature wall. The idea was to make the space look larger, add some color, and use other terms. This makes it harder to match your furniture. Why not do something different this time? Get some funky wallpaper or invest in some beautiful art pieces.


The extra fabric can make a room look cluttered and small. It can look upmarket and boho chic, but you are safer with Roman blinds that are made to measure. You may ask, “Why made to measure?” This is the best way to achieve a neat, well-fitted appearance: exactly the opposite of what a traditional pelmet can do!


Chevrons! Why did this year become the year of chevrons? Who knows? It was. Everything was rambling, from chevron rugs and feature walls to chevron rugs. Stripes are less distracting, easier on the eye, and more stylish.

All-White/Cream Decoration

When was it ever a good idea to paint an entire room in the lightest color you could think of? It may look great on the first day, but you will have to clean the room for the next 12 months.

Blackboard Paint

This one is a good place to start. It seems logical to have a permanent space for a blackboard, either to make lists or build a wall where your kids can draw. As we know from our school days, blackboards are always dirty. Your black fence will eventually be covered in all the colors of the rainbow. We think it’s time to make a change.

Wall Words

Would you like your home to resemble a self-help manual? No? Stop adorning your home with clichés like “love, life, family.” These are big improvements over simply calling your bathroom ‘bathroom’ and your kitchen “eat.” Why don’t we stop this trend?

Bathroom Carpet

Who would have thought that putting carpet in a room with liquids was a good thing? A rug in the bathroom will quickly become disgusting, whether it is from humidity or other accidents. Tiles are easier to adhere to.

Distressed furniture

Antique furniture is a different thing. Antique furniture will continue to be a major trend in 2016. But what about distressed furniture? This is something entirely different. It’s not worth it to make your furniture look old and retro by making it look dirty. It is better to buy something vintage or from a certain era rather than try to produce modern furniture that looks bad.

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